Our Canadian family farmers are our partners. They take great care to make sure the a2 Milk™ cows are milked separately from the rest of the herd.

This ensures the milk we deliver to you is delicious, pure a2 Milk™ and 100% Canadian!

We strive for sustainability

Reducing our impact on the environment is important, and that’s why we work with sustainable farms. Our Canadian farmers work to maintain biodiversity on their farms, decrease waste, and reduce their carbon footprint.

But our efforts don’t stop there!  From our recyclable cartons to our low-waste commitment, we work to consider our impact on the environment every step of the way.

100% Canadian Milk that’s Pure a2 Milk™

Our customers are important to us, and so is the quality of our milk from cow to cup. We take great care to bring you 100% Canadian milk from cows naturally selected to only produce the A2 protein and no A1. We test every batch of our milk at various points throughout the process to help ensure our milk is pure a2 Milk™

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a2 Milk™ is not suitable for anyone medically diagnosed with lactose intolerance, galactosaemia or cows’ milk allergy

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